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Chaiki Sha!!!
With the bottlebread
Good bye, dembel

Pinks on the white

Zinc coffins

Citizen of the world



I don't want



Some unnecessary advices

The lost person song

About "Chaiki Sha!!!"
All songs were recorded at 1991-94.
Remix - 2000 .
Project "Chaiki Sha!!!" are:
Photo Sergey Jorov
lyrics: Constipation, Photo, I don't want, Pinks on the white;
drums in Constipation
Photo Alexander Cherevichenko
vocal in Constipation, Photo, Lambada. And help in mix.
Photo Sergey Vinogradov technical director.
Photo Valeri Bessonov
music, lyrics, all instruments, arrangements & REMIX.
Thanks to all visitors of this web site.
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